How does sending mail online work?

Published on 11/21/2020

You may be wondering... how does your service work?

Our service is fully automated. Once we receive the letter content from you, we have an automated and streamlined workflow that prints, packages, stamps, sends, and tracks your postal mail for you.

In order to start using our serice, you must create an account with us. You can sign in to our website using your Facebook or Google accounts. This takes like 10 secoonds.

Once you sign in to your Dashboard. You'll be presented with the options to either type in your letter or upload a PDF:

  • Type your letter: this option allows you to type and design your letter using our online editor. You'll then be able to preview it and send it. Within that editor page, we'll ask you to fill in the 'To Address' and the 'Return Address'. That's pretty much it.
  • Upload a PDF: this is exactly what the name of the option implies. Upload your PDF document (recommended dimentions are 8.5 x 11.0 in). You'll then be able to preview it and send it after filling in the 'To Address' and 'Return Address'.

Once your mail is sent using Skip the Post, we provide you with the expected delivery date and provide you with mail tracking updates.

Do you have any questions for us? If so, please reach out to us using the chat widget displayed at the bottom right corner.

Want to send mail online? Go ahead and get started!